corso-python January, 2014

Python base course

The new year started with a high intensity training activity for K-Tech. A new base course in Python has been performed.


March 02, 2012

Gold sponsor at Codemotion

This year, again, K-Tech will stand among the Gold sponsors at Codemotion, the largest Italian event on Technology, to be held in Rome on March 23rd and 24th.

Besides being an exhibitor, K-Tech will hold a seminar entitled: Web Application Cloud Testing with Python and Amazon EC2.

The seminar proposes a practical and ”agile“ approach to load&performance testing through Amazon Ec2 infrastructure and Python language. The first is to geographically distribute the required number of nodes to meet test requirements. The second, for Fabric and Funkload libraries, is to respectively control the Cloud’s nodes and to produce and manage tests.

The presentation is expected to be held on Saturday March 24, at 3:00pm. Further details at the Codemotion website.

gold-partner Friday, January 13, 2012

Gold Partner for Oracle

We are confirming our partnership with Oracle also for 2012. K-Tech has been collaborating with Oracle since the very beginning.

Being a Gold Partner allows us to better ensure our clients with reliable solution releases and with the supply of services based in the largest Oracle platform.

Oracle provides partners with cutting-edge tools that allow us to achieve our main goal: to assist companies in quick and enduring resolution of their problems, with the excellence that has always distinguished K-Tech.